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Out of love for playing outside

There's nothing better for kids than playing outside. Move, climb, clamber and discover the world. Your cheeks red, your pants dirty. Out of breath, but very happy. Outside you use all your imagination, learn to play together and make friends for life. With our tree houses and playhouses, we encourage children to come out from behind the screen and go outside. Out of love for playing outside!

Tough Boys

(With a small hart)

Maarten - boomhut speelhui bouwer van het eerste uur
Stefan - bouwmeester in de werkplaats voor elk boomhut speelhuis
Bart -denkt graag mee met elke mama, papa, opa en oma zodat het houten speelhuis super mooi wordt
Timo - boomhut speelhui bouwer van het eerste uur

Nice to meet you. We are Bart, Maarten, Stefan, Timo, Ruben and Matthias of Tree House Boris. Tough guys with beards, but still little boys inside. Kid's who used to like to climb trees themselves, burn a lot and make the neighborhood stand still. And very much wanted a tree house of their own.

We started our adventure in 2011, when we built our first tree house. Since then we have made many children and parents happy with an adventurous tree house and natural playhouses. Not those ramshackle DIY stores, but robust ones that guarantee years of fun. We design them to measure, completely based on the wishes of you and your children. So you get a unique tree house or a unique playhouse.

We make all our tree houses and playhouses by hand. We do the preparatory work in our workshop in Soest. The assembly and finishing touch takes place in your garden. We only use sustainable, untreated European wood. Is a tree house or playhouse ready? Then, of course, we'll sneak off the slide or over the monkey bridge ourselves. Because you are never too old to play!

Even if you don't have a tree in the garden...

Our wooden playhouses and tree houses stand on the ground or on thick, wooden poles. So you don't necessarily need a tree in the garden. A tree house or playhouse fits in almost every garden. We supply our tree houses in the Netherlands, Flanders and West Germany. Curious about the possibilities in your garden?

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